Bitpanda brings crypto debit card for payments with cryptocurrencies, gold and silver

2. Februar 2021 Von admin

With the Bitpanda Visa Debit Card, which is available now, customers can use Bitcoin and other cryptoassets as well as holdings in gold and silver for payments.

The Austrian crypto exchange operators Bitcoin Union offers its customers now a Visa debit card for payments with credit in crypto currencies and precious metals.

The Bitpanda Card, which can currently be pre-ordered, is directly connected to the corresponding wallets and debits the respective amounts according to the current exchange rate in order to enable payment in euros.

Flexible use with cryptos and precious metals

The customers specify a primary source of payment such as Bitcoin and another source of payment that can only be used if there is no credit. Payments based on Fiat credit in euros are also possible with the Bitpanda Card. Pre-orderers should receive their tickets in the second half of February.

There are no card issuance fees, no monthly account fees, and no recurring card and account administration fees for the Bitpanda Card. Payments in euros are also made free of charge.

For payments in non-euro currencies (FX), Bitpanda costs between 0.25 and 2.5 percent fee, depending on the respective BEST level of the customer, which is linked to the use of Bitpanda’s own BEST token . ATM withdrawals cost a flat rate of 1.50 euros. For higher BEST levels, Bitpanda offers free monthly withdrawals.

All values ​​that can be traded on the crypto exchange can be used with the Bitpanda Card. In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum , IOTA , Tezos , Ripple , Litecoin, many other crypto currencies as well as the precious metals gold , silver , palladium and platinum. The daily limits of the Bitpanda Card are 10,000 euros for payments and 350 euros for cash withdrawals.

Expansion in Europe

In a financing round in September 2020 , Bitpanda was able to raise 52 million US dollars (45 million euros) in capital with which the business is to be expanded across the EU and in Turkey. In addition to the core business of crypto services, the company plans to launch a new and innovative share trading platform this year.